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Practical Information

The School prefers the children to wear school uniform as follows:

  • Grey or Black Trousers/Skirt
  • Grey pullover/sweatshirt/cardigan
  • White shirt/blouse/polo shirt
  • Red tie
  • Sweatshirts, T-shirts or jogging suits with school logo (which can be ordered periodically from school)
  • Red/white checked dress

School Uniform provides the children with a school identity of which they can be proud. The routine of wearing a School Uniform sets the scene for developing self esteem which is vital in ensuring that every child gives of their best at all times. All school clothing should be cleared marked for identification purposes. All pupils are required to wear P.E. kit which consists of shorts, T-shirt and gym shoes. Ideally the school T-shirt with black, navy or grey shorts should be worn. In the interests of hygiene P.E. kit will be changed into prior to the lesson and should be removed after the lesson and normal school uniform put back on. Children MUST remove jewellery. If they wear earrings then they have to be covered with micropore or removed by the children. This is in line with Aberdeenshire Policy. Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum and every child should take part unless medically unfit. A note is required for a child who does not take part in the lesson. Children who do not have P.E. kit may not get P.E.

Children being transported by school bus must all behave in a manner acceptable to the person in charge. Seat belts must be worn. Children waiting to be transported (e.g. bus late) are not allowed to leave the school premises.

Delivery and Collection of Children
It is requested that Parents/Carers of Nursery or older pupils drop their children off in the parking area on Braehead Drive. Parents/Carers of pupils using the Infant entrance can drop their children off beside the wall saying Port Erroll School and if they wish to park, the parking spaces at the back of the school can be used for this purpose. Parents/Carers are requested not to park in the Visitors/Staff car park while picking up or dropping off their child for safety reasons.

Personal Property
All personal property (e.g. anorak, school bag, P.E. kit etc), must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. On no account should money or articles of value be left unattended in the cloakroom. Any loss or finding of property must be reported to the class teacher. The school cannot accept responsibility for the recovery or replacement of valuables: personal items or sports equipment, watches etc, should be insured privately. No pupil should be sent to school with a large sum of money.

School Property
Pupils will be expected to make good damage done to the school property or the fabric of the school and to replace any books lost or destroyed. All books or jotters should be carried to school in a suitable bag or briefcase.

a) Regular and punctual attendance at school is expected of the pupils: they must not be absent or late except for a very good reason.
b) All pupils who have been absent for even half a day must bring a note of explanation, signed by their parents/guardian and take it to their class teacher. If an absence is unexplained, then the parents will receive a note in order to give them the opportunity to reply and not have the absence recorded, as instructed by the Scottish Executive Education Department, as unauthorised.
c) If absence is likely to be prolonged parents should notify the school. If no such notification is received then a letter of enquiry will be sent to the child’s home.
d) Pupils who have a dental/doctor appointment must bring the appointment card or a note. Alternatively parents can telephone the school.
e) The Scottish Executive has issued guidelines which no longer allows schools to authorise absences for family holidays unless in very exceptional circumstances e.g. following serious or terminal illness, bereavement or other traumatic events. “The majority of family holidays taken during term time should be categorised as unauthorised absences”. This now comes into the same category as unexplained absences and unauthorised absences.

Safety Policy
Safety within the school is the concern of both staff (teaching and non-teaching) and pupils. Every opportunity will be taken to make the children safety conscious at all times. Dangerous situations should be reported promptly to the Head Teacher. First aid will be given only as far as knowledge and skill permit. The Nurse or Doctor will be contacted whenever there is doubt. Parents will also be informed.

No child is allowed to leave the playground at interval or lunch time (if having a meal at school) without permission.

Illness: In case of illness in school, the head teacher or his/her representative will be notified. If necessary parents/child-minders will be requested to collect unwell children from school.

Medicines: a) Short term medication: Children receiving regular medication throughout the day for flu, chest conditions etc should remain at home until they are fully recovered. b) Long term medication: There are children who require repeat prescriptions for long term complaints and may need to have these administered during the school day on a regular basis – e.g. children with asthma who have inhalers etc. In these cases parents have a request form which they must complete before a member of staff can administer medicine as above. N.B. On no account should tablets or mixture be sent to school without the request form having been completed by the parents/carers.

Qualified First-aiders and appointed persons: Mrs M Butters, Mrs J Bateman.

Emergency Closure: In the event of an emergency closure, parents/childminder will be informed as quickly as possible. No child will be allowed to leave their school building until appropriate arrangements have been made. On some occasions information will be broadcast from the local radio station and may be found on the internet.

Emergency Contact: It is IMPERATIVE that each child has an ‘emergency contact’ with a phone number.

Bad weather: In bad weather children should not arrive at school before 8.55am. Children who come on the school bus will be allowed into school when they arrive. At intervals and lunchtimes children will be allowed to remain indoors. Children who go home for lunch are requested not to return to school until 1.15pm.

Any child behaving indoors in a manner which constitutes a danger to himself or others will be expected to remain outside during breaks, whatever the weather. Or in the event of severe indiscipline, parents will be requested to take their child home over the lunch break.

During both morning and lunchtime breaks the children will be supervised by auxiliaries.