Visions, Values & Aims

In Port Erroll School, we try our best to be SUPER.
• S – Successful
• U – Understanding
• P – Protective
• E – Exceeding
• R – Respectful

Port Erroll School is part of a protective, respectful community that aspires to use understanding to support one another to achieve. We strive to work as a community to challenge our learners to exceed expectations and therefore become truly successful, developing life skills preparing them for their journey ahead.

How can we achieve this?
Our Aims

Successful – we want everyone to achieve in our school and the wider community
Understanding – we want everyone to be aware of their own needs and the needs of all within our community and being tolerant of the differences we have
Protective – we want everyone to be looked after and cared for by all
Exceeding – we want everyone in our community to be challenged and try their best to achieve their full potential
Respectful – we want everyone to show and earn the respect and to feel valued by all across our community

It is important that everyone within the school community is clear about what we are aiming to achieve through our curriculum rationale , taking into account all the factors that make our school unique. All staff are working to ensure that our unique factors, including agriculture,
fishing and places/events of historical interest are central to our learning and teaching to ensure that we can achieve relevance for learning . Our starting point is our shared vision for the school and the values we
identified as being important to all of us. For more information please read the document below: